After the huge turnout on his last visits, RBH re-hosts Dr. Yan Tuchschmid on board

January 19th 2015Back

Following the great success of his last visit, Royal Bahrain Hospital (RBH) -60-Bed, multi-specialty based in Salmaniya, Bahrain, is hosting Dr. Yan Tuchschmid, MD, the experienced and veteran Urology Surgeon from Switzerland, to be part of RBH medical team in the period from 24-28th January 2015.
Dr. Yan Tuchschmid, MD, is an expert surgeon, specializing in male and female urology. His focus of expertise includes the diagnosis, treatment and management of various urological issues such as urinary incontinence, bladder prolapse, benign prostatic hyperplasia, neurogenic and over reactive bladder conditions, prostatitis, urethral surgery (for adults), male sexual dysfunction and penile surgical implants. DrTuchschmid has been the Head Urologist at the Pelvic Floor Centre in Geneva since 1994.
Commenting on this visit, Mr. Jacob Thomas, the Operations Director at RBH said, “Dr. Yan Tuchschmid is a distinguished urologist who brings exceptional experience and skill to our medical community, as his last visits to our hospital witnessed a huge turn out and were very well received from our patients.”