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Obstetrics & Gynecology

The Obstetrics and Gynecology department offers full support and services to women in any stages of their life, through pre-marital check-ups to menopause diagnosis and management, including day care surgeries and laparoscopic surgeries.

altThis department supports our Maternity department. Expecting mothers can anticipate only the best of services from our Maternity department, with a selection of packages for ante-natal and post-natal care, attendance and care from our nurses and doctors to help you throughout your pregnancy, ante-natal classes and stay in our excellent maternity ward.

Services and Treatments Offered

  • Packages for various Gynecology procedures and surgeries
  • Fetal Medicine, Chromosomal Analysis, Genetic Counseling and Computerized Maternal Serum Screen Programme
  • Antenatal Care
  • Perinatology
  • Un-medicated, epidural and cesarean births
  • Interventions and prevention strategies
  • Comfort techniques and preparation exercises
  • New born procedures, tests and bonding
  • Pregnancy, labor and postpartum care
  •  Well Women Screening plus premenopausal /menopausal issues
  • Hysteroscopy, D&C, Diagnostic laparoscopy and dye test
  • cervical cautery / cervical biopsy/Evacuation of retained products of conception/Marsupialisation of Bartholin cyst
  • Emergency procedures such as ruptured ectopic pregnancies and ovarian cyst accidents.
  • Abdominal myomectomy & total abdominal hysterectomy
  • Annual checkup with Pap smear/HVS , breast check up
  • Basic infertility examination, follicular tracking, simple ovarian stimulation, IUI
  • Application of IUCD (after procedure IUCD location to be checked)
  • Endometrium sample for histology in bleeding problems/abnormal U/S findings
  • TVHSSG= transvaginal hysterosalpingosonography  (to diagnose uterine/endometrial problems (polyps, fibroids)/ to check (using air/saline combination) if Fallopian tubes are open 
  • Colposcopies and loop conisation to treat cervical cell changes (HPV, CIN I-III, Carcinoma in situ)
  • HRT


  1. Dr. Heli Sisko Spalding
  2. Dr. Kiran J. Bijlani
  3. Dr. Saeeda Albalooshi
  4. Dr. Siti Saleha Yusof