RBH conducts a health and wellness workshop for Viva Bahrain employees

December 23th 2014Back

In line with its efforts tospread health awareness among the community members, Royal Bahrain Hospital (RBH) – 60-Bed, multi-specialty hospital based in Salmaniya, Bahrain – has conducted a weight management workshop for the employees of VIVA Bahrain at the VIVA Headquarters in Seef area, recently.
More than 100 employees attended the workshop where Ms. Nada Jawaherey, Chief Dietitian & Lifestyle Consultant at RBH, has steered the talk and shared some guidelines to successfully lose weight, in addition to highlighting the most important health tips that everyone should follow in order to maintain a healthy and fresh lifestyle.
The attendees have also undergone a BMI (Body Mass Index) test, which measures the proportion of the various components of a person’s body of water, protein, fat and minerals as well as the ratio of fat to lean tissue.
Ms. Jawahery concluded the talk with various tips on losing weight techniques, which included with choosing food wisely which leads to fewer calories intake, as well as enriching the diet with fresh fruits and vegetables that are high in water and fiber which make people to feel full quickly.