RBH Introduces Affordable Breast Cancer Screening Packages

October 17th 2015Back

As part of its efforts to raise breast cancer awareness in the community, Royal Bahrain Hospital is launching attractive packages for preventive Breast Cancer screening throughout the month of October, 2015.

RBH medical team is available to offer tips on early detection, screening and prevention against Breast Cancer. RBH offers several screening packages where the first package includes a consultation and breast ultrasound for BD25 only. While the second package, includes consultation and Breast MRI screening for BD 75 only. The third package includes BRCA 1 and 2 Genetic screening for BD 370 only.
BRCA 1 and 2 screening is an advanced genetic study that helps in mapping the risks and identifies the genes responsible for developing breast cancer.

Commenting on this initiative, Dr. Neetha Ravi, Specialist General Surgery at Royal Bahrain hospital, said, “According to the American Cancer Society, one out of eight women will develop breast cancer during their lifetime. There is no question that preventive screenings not only help in detecting cancer at an earlier stage, but they also allow many women to avoid drastic treatments, ultimately saving their lives. Survival rates for early-detection cases reach up to 80%.”
“At RBH we are providing reasonable packages in order to encourage and allow every woman to undergo the necessary tests as early detection can save lives,” said, Mr. Jacob Thomas, the Operations Director at RBH.
“This initiative comes in line with the global recognition of October as the Breast Cancer awareness month.” he added.