Royal Bahrain Hospital’s Department of Pulmonology is regarded as one the best. With seasoned and accomplished doctors and specialists, providing the highest quality of care, we encompass the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the lungs, and other organs that are linked to breathing. Being a vast field, RBH has an array of services that are suitable for different kinds of conditions and patients.

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Procedures & Treatments


The Department of Pulmonology at Royal Bahrain Hospital specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of a wide spectrum of pulmonary disorders and diseases, including:

  1. Asthma

  2. Lung Cancer

  3. Smoking-related illnesses

  4. Respiratory failure

  5. Bronchitis

  6. Upper& lower respiratory infections

  7. Pneumonia

  8. Tuberculosis

  9. Sleep Apnea & sleep disorders

  10. COPD (Chronic Obtrusive Pulmonary Disease)

Pulmonology specialists at Royal Bahrain Hospital are well trained and experienced in managing outpatient and inpatient pulmonary cases. Moreover, we are well equipped to manage complicated and intensive-care cases at our fully functional ICU.

Sleep Medicine:

Disruptions in sleep can be caused by a variety of issues, from teeth grinding (bruxism) to nightmares. When a person suffers from difficulty in sleeping with no obvious cause, it is referred to as insomnia. In addition, sleep disorders may also cause sufferers to sleep excessively, a condition known as hypersomnia. At Royal Bahrain Hospital,we have expertise in the diagnosis and management of clinical conditions that occur during sleep, that disturb sleep, or that are affected by disturbances in the wake-sleep cycle. Our specialists are skilled in the analysis and interpretation of comprehensive polysomnography and well-versed in emerging research and management of the sleep laboratory.

Technology & Equipment

The Alice V sleep lab is a state-of-the-art masterpiece of the department of Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine at Royal Bahrain Hospital. The lab has modern facilities for advanced diagnosis and monitoring of all pulmonology and sleep disorders including asthma, COPD, pneumonia, interstitial lung diseases, sleep apnea and insomnia, ensuring advanced treatment and better outcomes.


  • Fully integrated sleep laboratory system.

  • Expanded channel capability with 55 channels.

  • ECG with 6 channels and pulse transit time (PTT).

  • Real time impedance display.

  • Patient communication/intercom.

  • Polysomnographic scoring system for infants and adults.

  • Records and simultaneously displays multiple channels of waveform data.

  • Adapts to various patient age groups for determination of sleep and wakefulness.

  • System software includes raw data viewing in a variety of time and montage formats.

  • Capable of providing a compressed view of the entire study.

  • Provides computerized analysis as an aid in interpreting data.

  • Standard custom reports available along with an on-screen review.


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