24 Hour Clinic

24 Hour Clinic

The 24 hour clinic at Royal Bahrain Hospital is committed to providing the best and reliable care when you need it the most. Our GP doctors are supported by a group of well trained staff and highly sophisticated equipment.

Procedures & Treatments


The 24 hour walk-in clinic provides urgent care to all the patients. Our emergency clinic provides the best care to both children and adults and is equipped with high quality equipment and state of the art diagnostics.

Our 24 hour emergency clinic is situated on Level 2 of Royal Bahrain hospital and we are happy to treat you throughout the day to address all your medical concerns.

Quality and Safety combined with modern technologies is what we bring to you in our 24 hour clinic. Our lower wait time and attentive staff who ensures that you have a comfortable time at our clinic is what distinguishes us from the other hospitals in Bahrain.

Royal Bahrain Hospital provides accessible healthcare services to the people of Bahrain. Our 24 Hour Clinic in Royal Bahrain Hospital provides daily, around the clock, medical services to patients in need. Our medical professionals are available night and day, twenty-four hours, seven days a week to treat and consult. The 24 hour clinic at Royal Bahrain Hospital is an emergency clinic and has beds, with separate wards for men and women, and is ready to handle day-to-day sicknesses, illnesses and health concerns as well as trauma cases. Our ambulance services are also available around the clock, and ready to reach anywhere inside the Kingdom of Bahrain or transport patients by land from neighbouring countries. We are in an endless pursuit of attaining the Emergency Medical Services(EMS) excellence and we strive to ensure that you not only reach us safely but also quickly. The ambulance is equipped with a modern mobile ICU, bringing our medical professionals to your door in order to keep you healthy and, if need be, save our patients’ lives.

Our highly competent staff and modern facilities are ready to treat all your emergencies ranging from minor to major. We practice the highest quality of care for all our patients in Bahrain and we look forward to assisting you whenever you need us.


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