Designed with care exclusively for our Seniors!

With the KIMSHEALTH Seha Card, you get access to quality healthcare and a host of medical benefits at our medical institutions in Bahrain and are eligible to be a part of medical awareness sessions initiated by our hospitals and medical centers.

The Seha Card Program helps you to save money on your day to day preventive, pre & post hospitalization medical expenses at our facilities in Bahrain.

This card can be availed by Seniors aged above 65 years.


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  • 30% - OPD Consultations

  • 20% - Laboratory Services

  • 20% - Radiology Services

  • 10% - IP Packages

  • 20% - Room rent

  • 15% - Dental procedures

  • 20% - Physiotherapy

  • 20% - Homecare services

*The above discounts are not applicable for outsourced tests.

Other Privileges

  • One free introductory consultation with Geriatrician / Internal medicine Physician

  • One free introductory consultation with Physiotherapist

  • One free introductory consultation with Dietician

  • Invitation to awareness and education sessions

  • Access to health education material

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