The department of Urology specializes in conditions that occur in the urinary tract of both male and female. The extent of Urology at Royal Bahrain Hospital also extends to issues pertaining to male reproductive organs. Our doctors are extremely efficient in handling complex cases, as KIMSHEALTH is known to be among the top hospitals providing quality care.

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Dr. Abubaker Bendalla



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Dr. Eduardo Perez Etchepare


Pediatrics, Urology

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Procedures & Treatments


Royal Bahrain Hospital is the only hospital in the Middle East for advanced laser surgeries for prostate and kidney stones.

We provide the following services and treatments:

  • Laser surgery for kidney stones

  • Laser surgery for prostate diseases

  • Urodynamic study and incontinence repair

  • Laparoscopic urology

  • Erectile dysfunction and infertility

  • Female urology treatment

  • Sexual healthcare and treatment

  • Investigations and treatment of infertility.

  • Investigation and treatment of urinary incontinence. (Urodynamic study, TOT, TVT, Botox, Cystocele, rectocele, vaginoplasty and perinieorraphy, artificial urinary sphincter).

  • Rigid and flexible ureteroscopy and holmium laser stone treatment.

  • Investigation of erectile dysfunction and treatments like penile prosthesis.

  • Painful bladder syndrome.

  • Recurrent UTI.

  • Basic pediatric urology and plastibell circumsicion.

  • BPH treatment (TURP Plasma kinetic, Laser)

  • Bladder, testis and Prostate cancer detection and treatment.

Prostate diseases and kidney stones are the main diseases affecting the urinary tract. In the past five years, many less invasive procedures have been introduced in the West, but it was inaccessible to people in Bahrain. Royal Bahrain Hospital is proud to introduce laser treatment for prostate and kidney stones which is the only one of its kind in Bahrain and the entire Middle East. These procedures can be performed with general, spinal, epidural, or conscious sedation or local anesthesia. They are usually performed on an outpatient basis in the hospital or even in the office.Apart from being safe and effective, this is a minimally invasive surgical treatment for benign prostate diseases and kidney stones. The results are better compared to with the results achieved with the old surgical results techniques. The advantages of this procedure include reduced bleeding, pain,and morbidity, minimized post-operative catheter drainage and lesser post-operative irritative symptoms.


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