Our Department of Dentistry houses a full team of dentists, orthodontists and endodontists. Our doctors use expert dexterity and a mix of advanced techniques to ensure your dental health and hygiene. We offer comprehensive evaluation of oral health based on which preventive measures and treatments are advised to ensure good oral health.

Our Doctors

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Dr Lisha Mathew



Royal Bahrain Hospital

RBH Medical Center

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Dr. Oommen George

Specialist (Oral Surgery)


Royal Bahrain Hospital

Procedures & Treatments


The Royal Dental Studio is among the best dental clinics in Bahrain offering a variety of dental treatments for children and adults.

Dentists at Royal Bahrain hospital are highly skilled and ensure that the right treatment is provided to all patients. Depending upon the case, our specialist doctors develop a customized dental treatment plan for each patient, incorporating dental consultation, examination, x-ray (digital), cleaning, and other diagnostic methods.

The Services and Treatments rendered at Royal Bahrain Hospital include:

  • General and conservative dentistry including teeth fillings, crowns and bridges

  • Endodontic treatments including root canal, re-root canal, post and core, andsurgical endodontics

  • Orthodontic treatment for children and adults for correction malocclusion such as crowding, proclination, deep bite and open bite

  • Dental implantology

  • Dento-alveolar surgery (impacted teeth, apicectomy, surgical tooth exposure, etc.)

  • Maxillofacial trauma (Dento-alveolar fracture, mandibular fracture, mid-face fractures, malar fractures)

  • Use of traditional braces, esthetic brackets, self-ligating brackets, Invisalign (invisible braces), lingual orthodontics and space maintainers

  • Managing growth modification with myofunctional appliances

  • Reinforcement of anchorage with orthodontic implants

  • Pediatric dental care with check-up, preservation of milk teeth, treatment and prevention of caries, pit and fissures sealing and fluoride applications

  • Aesthetic Dental Treatments, including smile designing, tooth colored fillings, veneers, stain removal (using air or chemo-mechanical abrasion) and bleaching (office and home)

  • Treatment and management of (dento-facial infection,) Halitosis (bad breath), dental hypersensitivity and gum diseases

  • Minor pre-prosthetic surgery and oral antral fistula closure

  • Treatment of cysts of the jaws and non-tumour soft-tissue lumps in the mouth

  • Dental care for Diabetics

  • Periodontal (Gum Care) Clinic (cleaning of tartar and other debris)


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