Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine

Royal Bahrain Hospital’s Department of Internal Medicine provides extensive care to both in-patients and out-patients. With modern infrastructure, accomplished and knowledgeable doctors, RBH has been recognized as the preferred destination in Bahrain for any completed health conditions.

The Internal Medicine department is one of the largest services provided and deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a variety of medical conditions.

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Dr. Sheriff M. Sahadulla


Internal Medicine

Royal Bahrain Hospital

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Dr. Suzan Abdulhak


Internal Medicine

RBH Medical Center

Procedures & Treatments


Internal Medicine Doctors in Royal Bahrain Hospital are among the best internists in Bahrain, who apply their clinical expertise in the management and treatment of a variety of medical cases and are fully supported by our laboratory and radiology services. Our internists are also skilled in the management of patients who have undifferentiated or multi-system disease processes.

The Internal Medicine department is comprised of highly skilleddoctors backed by advanced technology and trained staff to provide high-qualityservice and optimal care to all including hospitalized and ambulatory patients.The department of Internal Medicine at Royal Bahrain Hospital deals with theprevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases. Our range  of services include preventive screening,comprehensive management of medical needs, diagnosis, treatment and managementof general sicknesses, and collaborative care of patients with chronic medicalillnesses such hypertension, diabetes mellitus and respiratory diseases across variousstages of the illness. Our internists routinely see patients withconditions such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and chroniclung disease, ensuring special care for senior citizens.

We render the following services and treatments:

  • Treatment for internal disorders, such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, and problems of the lung, brain, kidney, and digestive tract.

  • Medication, therapy, and other specialized medical care to treat or prevent illnesses, diseases, or injuries.

  • Provision and management of long-term, comprehensive medical care, including diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of diseases.

  • Management and treatment of common health problems, such as infections, influenza, and pneumonia, as well as serious, chronic, and complex illnesses, in adolescents, adults, and elderly people.

  • Diagnoses and management when different illnesses occur together.

  • Immunization for protection from preventable diseases.

  • Surgeries to remove, repair, or improve the functioning of injured body parts and systems.


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