Special Dental Packages at RBH

Special Dental Packages at RBH

Royal Bahrain Hospital (RBH) will be offering special dental packages for adults and children at its Royal Dental Studio throughout the month of March. The Vibrant Smile Package will include 5 services, and in addition to that, an offer exclusively for children.

The Vibrant Smile Package will include the following services: scaling, filling, dental check-up for children, extraction and whitening. These services will help improve teeth function, keep patients in excellent oral health and improve the patient’s smile, appearance and confidence. The teeth whitening procedure is simple and safe and will remove years of stains and discoloration.

In addition, children aged 6 to 15 will enjoy a teeth cleaning and fluoride treatment. Tooth decay is a common issue amongst children. Fluoride treatment is fundamental for children when they are still developing their teeth, and it is one of the most effective ways of preventing tooth decay. It reduces the spread of cavities which occur when plaque builds up and prevents new cavities from growing.

Dr. Santhosh B. P., Pedodontist at RBH, said, “Today, tooth decay is the most common chronic disease that young children suffer from. They develop cavities on their primary (baby) teeth as well as permanent teeth. Families should start getting into the practice of having their children visit the dental clinic every six months from the time their child’s first teeth start to come in, in order to maintain good oral health and dental hygiene and also reverse tooth decay.”

Despite the daily brushing and flossing, there are still areas that may be missed and may become prone to plaque build-up. If plaque is left on the teeth for a long period of time, it will turn into a hardened substance known as tartar which will be very tough to clean and may only be removed through professional cleaning. With the help of our dental care professionals, you can get your teeth professionally cleaned and checked to detect any signs of oral health issues that may lead to more serious health complications if left unattended.

These offers are also available at the RBH Medical Center in Riffa

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